Rammstein – Deutschland Musicvideo

Rammstein – Deutschland Musicvideo

Rammstein Drone shoot for “Deutschland”

Our team worked for two days in January with director “Specter Berlin” and supported the production with Heavy Lifter services. Not only we used our Alexa Mini system with a special lens setup of 270mm, we also got our LED Octocopter with up to 300.000 Lumen up in the air, to create a light beam for a riot scene.
The long lens setup got in use for a medieval war scene, where several historical events and figures clashed together, we filmed knights fighting against SWAT teams, by flying dolly circles.

We also provided the openings shots of the video, showing the scene of  Germania Magna, as well as Plates for the launch of  V2 rockets, firing in the sky.


DoP: Armin Franzen

Production: Park17

Producer: Ronja Prinz

Skynamic Crew: Julian Glöckner, Vincent Haldy, Gabriel Manz

Rammstein – Deutschland Musicvideo
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