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  • Heavy Lift Drone on the open water
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Alexa Mini drone company from Berlin, Germany flying a wide range of cinematic lenses

Heavy lifting drones not only fit the highest demands in aerial cinematography they also require pilots with a trained skillset. As we are filmmakers by heart we love to fly all kinds of cinema lenses such as Standard Primes, Ultra Primes, Highspeed Primes, Anamorphic Kowa or heavy Cooke glases. The goal is always to match the style the DoP asks us for to tell the story. Welcome in our world of possibilities – Please always feel free to drop us a line with your project and your special needs – Julian Gloeckner is always on your service.

Flying custom camera rigs for commerical and feature film

More over we can provide VR 360° rigs such as Insta360 Titan and GoPro Omni alike. Or carrying big LED lights for videos like the O2 visual net

In whole Europe we take care of all necessary permits.
We have our Spanish Department based in Barcelona to offer professional service. So there is no need for expensive batterie and equipment transport.

  • Drone Bilbao Spain Barcelona
  • Alexa Drone Berlin Octocopter company
  • Drone Portugal Lisboa
  • Alta X Drone with Ronin 2 in Spain
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