Patrick Dempsey – Green Hell

Patrick Dempsey – Green Hell

We were following Patrick Dempsey through the forest

A special project came up. The production company Katapult with director Daniel Lwowski, booked us to fly our drone through the forest at the Nürburgring – the Green Hell.

Professional Aerials


Professional Aerials

Behind the Scenes footage from this day made it into our Skynamic Pilot Demo which won the 1st place in the “Showreel” category

at the New York Drone Film Festival. The Festival does a great job by making a good use of drones a bit more

common and spread the awareness that the commercial use of drones on a daily basis is a normal thing to do. Both professional aerials and hoppy drones are still under a negativ image.


Professional aerials let films look more dynamic and exciting!




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