Porter Heavy Lifter Drone Shoot in Frankfurt

Porter Heavy Lifter Drone Shoot in Frankfurt

If you want a little more flexibility, our largest drone “PORTER” is used. This hexacopter, with an additional payload of up to 12kg and a flight time of 15 minutes at the same time, is an in-house development and optimizes work on the set with some innovations for heavy camera set-ups.

Drohne Frankfurt von SKYNAMIC Porter AltaX Hexacopter
Porter Heavy Duty Hexacopter with MoviPro and Arri Alexa Mini right before Take-Off

DoP Jan David Günther asked to fly Hawk Class-x Anamorphic lenses for his current commercial in downtown Frankfurt. An Arri Alexa Mini was required as the camera.

The optics alone have a weight of 2.8kg. The flight time of approx. 15 minutes, which is very long for the difficult setup, enables efficient work in such an environment. In order to fly the drone safely between the skyscrapers to the desired position before the actual movement, it naturally takes some time due to the mere height. Nevertheless, it is possible to fully utilize the slot on the blocked road from start to finish in order to let the precision driver, in this case Uwe Mansshardt, run the stretch over and over again without having to spend a lot of time changing batteries before landing.

The porter soars into the air exactly where conventional drones show deficits. With this, we build on the experiences of the last years and e.g. due to new motors, we can not only work more quietly but also more efficiently on a shot. The use of the Ronin 2 Gimbal is also ideal for e.g. heavy cameras like Sony Venice incl. Raw module or Phantom 4K. We can offer complete flexibility by flying Cine Zooms such as the Fuji 19-90mm or the Zeiss 70-200mm including 3x Cforce Mini motors.
If you have any questions, we can be reached at any time via our contact page.

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