Aerials at – 18° degrees in Sweden

Aerials at – 18° degrees in Sweden

Both of Skynamic main filmtools were used in Lappland

We were stoked to work for Audi together alongside with our friends Director Alexander Gerlts and DoP Christopher Haering.
Not only the cold was part of the projects storyline but also a challenge for our gear. We had tools to run in the northern part of Sweden at a secret test-track from Audi. The motif of the film was the new Audi e-Tron Prototype. Beside the dynamic aerials, we had to shoot the packshot at the end of the spot. We pulled this one off with our remote RC Car, attached with our Alexa Mini and Cooke S4 32mm.

Skynamic Alexa Mini Rc Car Drone

The first shoot if the RC-Car on ice. The new spike provided a perfect grip. Take a look at a testrun we had back in Germany:

RC Car Alexa Mini Auto Camcar


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