FPV Drone Action for Lamborghini

FPV Drone Action for Lamborghini

For several years now, FPV drone technology has been a growing influence on larger productions to create specific shots that cannot be done with anything else. In 2019, those inquiries also increased, since small action cameras are rapidly improving and making it easier for post production to adapt to high-end cameras such as Arri Alexa Mini or RED Monstro. Not just the resolution of e.g. 4K is crucial, the color depth (bit) or the dynamic range, as well as the data stream (bit rate) is making a big difference. But the workflow on the set with the small devices is also important.

We recently took part in a production for the new Lamborghini Huracán EVO RWD with director Tibor Glage to show what our FPV pilot Ferdinand Wolf and his fpv racers drones are capable of. In this spot there is an FPV shot, which could hardly have been realized differently in terms of speed and proximity to the hero car. Have fun!

FPV Drone Action for Lamborghini
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