DJI Inspire 3 with 8K Full Frame camera

DJI Inspire 3 with 8K Full Frame camera

DJI Inspire 3 with 8K Full Frame camera

From our point of view, today marks a great turning point.
With the release of the DJI Inspire 3, all of our needs are merging into a fully integrated drone. We are very proud to say that we have been testing this tool on different sets around the world for more than 8 months. Many of our ideas flowed into the development and found their place in the final product. The possibilities that now arise with the new features such as flight path programming are enormous. With the new video transmission O3 Pro, we also get kilometers of range with the best 4K resolution.

The greatest potential for new shots is certainly not only hidden in the combination of all the new features, but especially in the new FPV camera. Due to its quality, it allows the pilot a completely new level of security when executing previously risky shots. From now on, the drone crews can completely rely on their technology and do not have to change location for each new shot.

Also the low light sensitivity of the FPV is the best we have seen so far. In combination with the base ISO of 4000, shooting late into the night is now much more productive. From our point of view, the 8.1K full-frame camera resembles the image of a Sony Venice or Alexa Mini. With the 14.7 f-stops of the X9, it reaches the same level of cinema cameras.

Skynamic Drone Team in the snow with Inspire 3

But fundamental things were also particularly important to us, such as the accuracy of the controls in the air. This has been significantly improved, which allows us to use our flight and camera operator skills even more and we can now concentrate exclusively on creative shot ideas. Now we are really looking forward to the next projects – the next shoot with the Inspire 3 is scheduled for the weekend.

In addition to our own projects, we also participated in the shooting of DJI’s launch video. We were allowed to develop and execute all shots in the snow, including a complex plan sequence on the bridge.


Inspire 3 sitting on the floor stand by Inspire 3 over water


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